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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa Nish

I know it has been forever since my last post- and I am sorry! It has been a crazy summer, and my ever so slow computer has not helped! I wanted to devote a special post to yy Grandpa Nish who passed away on July 29th (Marci's Birthday) he was 97 years old. What a great man he was! I am so blessed to have gotten to have him as part of my life for so long- he was such a great grandpa! I am so happy that Cale got to meet him- these pictures were taken last year, right after Cale was born, and I am so glad we took the time to take them- I will always cherish them!

Before I got pregnant with Cale, I asked my Grandpa to give me a blessing to help us become parents. He said that he "would be honored to!" He couldn't stand, so he sat down in his chair, I was on the floor, and he blessed me that "the desires of my heart would be granted." Such powerful words, that at the time, I had no idea of how important they would be! What a blessing it is to have such a great heritage of faith!

I am so glad I have the knowledge that I will see him again, and that I know he is in such a better place! What I would have given to have been there when he saw my Grandma again! They loved each other so much! I am so happy to have had the chance to have him as my Grandpa! Sweet Dreams Grandpa! We'll see you again, soon! We love you!