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Thursday, May 22, 2008

First time Blogger

Okay, so I have to admit, it is about time I join all of my Tech Savy friends in this whole world of blogging! Ashly, Cyd and Carolyn- I know you will all be so proud of me! I am finally doing it!

Time is going by- our little guy is due on July 18th and we are getting so excited! We can't wait to meet him! Mike is having fun finishing up his nursery, and I am just getting bigger and bigger each day! I tease everyone and willingly admit, it looks like I swallowed a basket ball!

We are really excited for this little one to join our family! Maggie and Skippee are pretty excited too! I think they know something very special is about to come into our family! We count our blessings to finally be able to become parents and cannot wait for him to come!!!

We really like our home here in Bountiful. We especially love our neighbors- Esther and Miriam Berry! They are two of the cutest little ladies you've ever met! Their yards are gorgeous and we all know how much I appreciate that! I am having fun out in my yard too! It has been nice to have some nice weather to get out and enjoy yardwork!