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Monday, December 21, 2009

I Believe....

I just have to write a quick little post- on how I believe in Santa and his helpers!

I was so sad, Mike and I had just bought Cale a fish tank for Christmas- knowing how obsessed he is with fish, and how he loves to say, "Shish"- we bought him an aqarium at the DI- It was only $7- and it looked really great! I was so excited, we came home, and on Saturday, I spent like an hour cleaning it all up- we filled it up with water and put it on a little cabinet in our family room. We were so excited to show him when he woke up from his nap! While we were trying to be so sneaky, Mike was adjusting it on the cabinet, and for some strange reason, the pressure in the tank, just popped the glass! Water and shards of glass came flooding out of it! We're talking TONS of water just pouring out of this tank!!! It was so crazy!! We both just kind of looked at each other-, not really knowing what to do!! We got out our shop vac and sucked it all up- but I was so sad! There went our great suprise for Cale for Christmas!! (Luckily, it was clean water, and no, there weren't any fish it in yet!)

We got our gigantic mess all cleaned up- and threw the great idea away. Needless to say, I haven't been in the Christmas Spirit- until now.

We just got back from running some errands tonight, and when we got home, there on our back porch was a large gift bag, with a tag on it that read, "To: Cale, From: Santa"- inside was an AQUARIUM!! It is so nice! It has all the rocks, coral and plants too! I think I was more suprised than Cale was!!

My heart is so full, I have tears in my eyes just thinking of how nice people can be! What a nice suprise!! I know I probably won't ever be able to thank this person in real life, but I hope that someday, I can do something that nice for someone else! It means so much to me- just to know that people are out there, who care about you, and love you. I think I have felt the "true meaning of Christmas" tonight- I truly believe that giving of yourself is the best gift! To this little helper of Santa, I say "thank you!" Thank you for teaching me and important lesson in life- to remember others, and to show how much they mean to you!

A greatful mom, of a Fish Lover!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One More Week til' we are cast free!!

It's official! Only one more week until we get this dumb cast off! We are so happy! We can hardly wait to have our little guy running around again! He has been so great through this whole thing- he still manages to smile and giggle! (I have to admit, I am ready for it to be gone too- hauling him around is so dang heavy! Not to mention awkward with that dumb bar in the middle! We are so done with it!!)
Still smiling! What a little sweetheart!

I caught him putting his cereal inside the cab of his truck! So cute to see his chubby little fingers pick up each one and put it in- then he pushes it around! What a silly little kid! I guess it gives a new meaning to "Playing with your food!"

So happy to be crawling around! I love that little smile!