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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Family Pictures

Happy Fall Everyone! My friend Kim came down from Idaho, and took our family picutres. She did such a great job! I love how she got Cale to smile! She is an amazing photographer! (Thanks again Kim!)

This is probably my favorite one of Cale! He is getting so big! He is such a good little boy! What an Angel I am so blessed with!!

Our family...

Things are going good for us right now- Cale is now 15 months old and is walking and jabbering all day! He is so curious about everything! He loves to play in my bathroom drawers, in our tupperware drawer and tease Maggie! He loves Fish, anything with fish! He can even try to say fish! He is such a good little boy- he now folds his arms when we say prayers! Too cute! A couple of weeks ago in church, he had his little car on the bench, and started making his motor noise as he pushed it all over! Pretty soon, the little girl next to us had her motor going too! Needless to say, it wasn't very quiet, or reverant! Sorry Dad!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Summer Fun 2009

We went camping with Mike's cousin Darren and his wife Emily- Cale had so much fun playing with his second cousin Carter! It was fun to see the two little boys together! They had fun driving the trucks all over the picnic table benches and into the dirt! Such cute little boys!

Cale and Daddy at Mike's cousin Courtney's wedding- I thought this picture of the two of them was so cute!

Cale and Mommy at the wedding.....

We went to Jackson Hole earlier this year- with the Hutcheon's and the Vernon's for our annual cabin trip! This year we hiked up to a spring that goes off periodically- apparently when we were there, it was just going, it never really stopped! Oh well- it was cool to see it anyway! I'll post more pics of our cabin trip later! (Thanks guys for such a fun time! We love you all!!!)

Our Hiking Family! It was a little chilly!