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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yummy Burgers!!!

So I am totally loving this new little burger joint- called "Five Guys Burgers and Fries"- have any of you heard of it, or better yet, been there? Wow! It was seriously the best hamburger and fresh cut fries I have ever tried! We went there the other night, just for a quick bite- it was really fresh and so yummy! I think Iam going to make Mike take me there again- and soon! Anyway, if you get a craving for a yummy hamburger and fresh fries- this is the place. They are in Fort Union, by the new Pei Wei- give em a try- you'll love it!!


Ashly said...

Really??? I'll have to go eat there. I LOVE a good burger. I'm craving one right now - - thanks to you!

Jennica said...

Oh, yeah baby they are good! Thanks fo reminding me!!! :)

...and get that camera fixed, we need to see more baby pics.

VernonKids said...

Hi Mindi! I finally found your blog...gosh I'm losing it I swear! Anyways thanks for calling today - it made my day! I hope Cale had a good nap for ya ;) Love ya - talk to you soon