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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

Daddy and his little Reindeer!

Santa's little Helper!

Our ward Christmas party was last Saturday, we had a big breakfast. It was pretty fun. We dressed Cale up in his little reindeer outfit- he looked pretty cute! I wanted him to sit on Santa's lap and smile, but this is what happens when you wait too long! I love this time of year- and now it seems like everything is so much more fun and meaningful- I love this little guy of mine- he is one sweet little kid, and I am one lucky mom!


Jennica said...

Such a cute little outfit for a cute little baby!

Kim said...

I am amazed is he really asleep on Santa's lap? How cute is that I think that's what every mother dreams of for Christmas, a sleeping baby :) !! Hope your doing well.

Ashly said...

my goodness he's cute! How fun that you got Santa pics taken! I love it. I'm excited to see you guys on Sat. Wahoo!

Jana Sohm said...

He is so cute!! Good thing Cale isn't scared of Santa yet. We so have to get together. I will call you after Christmas. Things are super crazy right now.

Kristie said...

so so cute he is getting so big. how fun Christmas will be for you this year but next year will be even better we opened some presents with grandma and grandpa pearce tonight and ella tried to open everyone under the tree whether they were hers or not