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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Fun Times

Raking leaves at Grandma Linda's! Who knew it could be so much fun??

Carving Pumpkins! What a good sport our Daddy is!

The 3 little lions at our ward party! Kaleb, Kyle and Cale- too bad they were only interested in playing with the basket ball! They all looked so cute!

Playing with his "Pumpum"- that's how he says pumpkin! He loved pointing them out everywhere we went!

So proud of his "pumpum!"

Busted! Sneaking treats at Grandma's house! Too bad he get's his sweet-tooth from his mom!

We love Fall! We had so much fun at our house with Cale getting a little bigger- it is so fun to do things and help him discover our world! He is such a little sweetheart and we are having a ball raising such a little angel!


Carolyn said...

Are you kidding! He is adorable! All grown up! We love you!!

The Richards Family said...

What cute pictures!! I love the one of Cale looking at the can tell just what he's thinking. A one year old in a pile of leaves...what could be better. Love ya!!

The Railsback's said...

I hope cale is feeling better! email me at so i can have your email address and ill invite you to our blog! Emily