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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One More Week til' we are cast free!!

It's official! Only one more week until we get this dumb cast off! We are so happy! We can hardly wait to have our little guy running around again! He has been so great through this whole thing- he still manages to smile and giggle! (I have to admit, I am ready for it to be gone too- hauling him around is so dang heavy! Not to mention awkward with that dumb bar in the middle! We are so done with it!!)
Still smiling! What a little sweetheart!

I caught him putting his cereal inside the cab of his truck! So cute to see his chubby little fingers pick up each one and put it in- then he pushes it around! What a silly little kid! I guess it gives a new meaning to "Playing with your food!"

So happy to be crawling around! I love that little smile!


Jana Sohm said...

Hance- he is so dang cute!! What a trooper to still put on a happy face while he is in his cast. Props to you too. What a great mom!! I think I would be so frustrated, but you are just hanging in there. I am excited that he is almost done. Right in time for Christmas!! Yea!!

Ashly said...

yeah!!! I'm so glad he is almost done. I feel like a jerk for never bringing those clothes up to you! What a bad friend. THey are still in my car! Looks like you won't need them now. I'm glad he'll be done for Christmas!

Kim said...

Seriously Mindy I bet you will be so happy to have that thing gone. I can't imagine how hard it would be do have your little one like that and it does seem like it must be a total pain. I hope you guys have a great Christmas.

The Losser Family said...

I can't imagine having Berkley in a cast. It sounds like he has done fine with the cast, what a good little guy! If we don't see you before Christmas I hope it's wonderful!

The Richards Family said...

Mindy, I still can't believe that happened. What a trooper you both are. The other day I was thinking, "I bet mindy's house is soooo cute during christmas!" Anyway hang in there and tell Mike a Cale hello!

Jense Family said...

So happy this difficult journey is almost over.