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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Bigger!

Playing with his toys!

Having so much fun! (Look at his arms moving!)

After a long, fun day of playing!

We tried to take some videos of little Cale's playing with his toys-but Mike and I decided we sound so stupid on them- we decided to save all of you the pain of having listen to us make fools of ourselves!~He is discovering his toys- it's so cute to watch how he sits and looks at them- and gets so excited just to look and listen to them! It makes me laugh! He is starting to blow bubbles and tries to talk to you- it just makes me smile!
Everyday is a new adventure! His little smile just brightens my day! I love being a mom!
I just downloaded my playlist- some of my favorite tunes- I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring it out all own my own, since I am compter stupid these days! Hope you enjoy some of these tunes, some of them may take you back a few years! Oh well! Enjoy!


Ashly said...

Ahhh - - I miss cute baby Cale! I need to see him again - and SOON!

Carolyn said...

Oh Mindi, He is just the cutest, little sweetest angel ever!! We love him!

The Beall Family said...

Hey Mindi, this is your cousin Shawna. I found your blog off of of Ashley's. Cale is so cute. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog so we can be blog friends. Our boys are so close in age, it will be fun to watch them grow together. Shawna

Melissa said...

Mindi, its Melissa, so I'm adding you to my bloglist also! although I see you everday its fun to read up on peoples lives sometimes.

Jennica said...

Why do they have to do that...get bigger that is? I think they should have to get permission first, but then no one would be older than a day on this earth! We just brought home baby #2 cute in every way! Isn't life grand!?!??!!!!