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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovery Gateway- Here we come!!

We went to the Discovery Gateway a couple of weeks ago with Mike's cousin Ashley and her little cutie, Berkley. We had so much fun! There are so many fun things to do and see, we could have spent the whole day there! Here are some pictures of our fun day!

Future Cartoonist! Cale loves to draw and color- Watch out Walt Disney!

Giddey Up little Cowboy!

Two of the cutest news anchors! They were both starting to "melt down"- nothing a little bribery with some goldfish couldn't fix!

Watch out Dick Norse and Shauna Lake! Cale and Berkley have got this whole TV thing down!

Playing in the water, again, another favorite thing to do!

I thought the little smocks they have them wear, were so stinkin' cute! They didn't mind wearing them!

Playing with the Balls! Perhaps the best part of the Gateway!! Cale was in Heaven!!

We had such a fun day! Thanks Ashley and Miss Berkley! We'll have to do it again!!


Ashly said...

that place is fun -- huh!! I have a pass and can get you in anytime! We need friends to go with us!

The Losser Family said...

We had so much fun! We have to get together again soon! Berkley loves playing with Cale.