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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bob the Builder!

We have a little obsession of "Bob the Builder" around our house, so anything that has to do with "Bob" is a big hit! You can only imagine his delight when he discovered the construction zone at the Gateway! Every time he sees Bob, he yells out, "Bob!" "Bob!" So cute!

Could have ridden this thing for hours!

So cute in his hard hat! It was a little big on him, with plenty of room to grow into it!

Sorry for the duplicate photo, still can't figure this thing out! Mike is convinced Cale needs a "Bob the Builder" themed birthday party this year! We'll see! July is still a few months away! Cale is such a sweet little boy! I am so amazed at how fast he is learning and growing!
I love you little guy!


The Miche's said...

He is such a cutie! We miss him! Kaleb has that truck and rarely plays with it so Cale should just come over and get some use out of it!

Jense Family said...

He is getting so big! How fun.