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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hardware Ranch

So we went up to Logan this last weekend- and went up to Hardware Ranch. It is this huge open field where they feed the elk that come down. They have a ton of elk here, but unfortunately we went at the end of the season, and so many of them had already started heading up into the mountains. It was fun to see them and to show Cale what wild life looks like!

Elk butts! what a great site!

The Hancey Cousins- at the visitor's center

Daddy and Cale standing in front of "Sparky"the Elk!

Check out this wildlife!

Mom & Cale on the wagon ride

Looks like Daddy found a new girlfriend! Nice!
We had a fun time going to Hardware Ranch. I hadn't been there since I was in Elementary- so it was fun to take Cale and see all the elk again. I want to try and keep doing fun things with Cale so he will have some fun memories of what we do as a family!

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Carrie said...

You look INCREDIBLE girl!!!