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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday TWO You!!

Happy Birthday to my Favorite 2 year old! Oh how I LOVE this cute little kid! What a fun day we had! We went on a picnic with Daddy, and then came home and made a cake- complete with a train on top! We had so much fun frosting the cake- Cale kept putting his knife in the frosting and licking it, and then said, "Mmmmm!" So cute!

Fun at the park...

The two birthday kids!

At the park for our big Train Party! We had our party at the West Bountiful park- it is right by the railroad tracks, so everytime a train would pass, Cale would stop what he was doing and have to watch! It was a little hot and noisy, but so fun! Cale loved playing with his cousins,
eating ice cream, and opening up his "prizes"! He got lots of "Choo- Choo's" and kitchen food, as well as some tools for his tool bench- who couldn't be happier?!

We love Thomas at our house! Don't you?

Mmmm... Ice Cream

Happy Birthday Little Man! Thank you for being such a good little boy, and bringing my heart so much joy! I love being your Mommy! Love you!

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